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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Top 40 10th March 1960

THE TOP 40 STARTS HERE..........Record Retailer, Now Music Week, Began Publication Of A Top 40 On 10 March 1960...The New Musical Express Top 30 Chart Used Previously Is That Of 26th February 1960............... This Is Weird 15 New Entrys Of Sorts Combining Re-Entrys Good Job the Chart Stayed At A Forty After This Will Add All New Entrys In This Download Enjoy......


01.Adam Faith - Poor Me                                                    Up 1
02.Johnny Preston - Running Bear                                      Up 5
03.Emile Ford - On A Slow Boat To China                         Up 3
04.Anthony Newley - Why                                                  Down 3
05.Mr Acker Bilk - Summer Set                                          Up 5
06.Craig Douglas - Pretty Blue Eyes                                   Down 2
07.Marv Johnson - You Got What It Takes                          Up 5
08.Perry Como - Delaware                                                   Up 16
09.Bobby Darin - La Mer (Beyond The Sea)                       Down 1
10.Cliff Richard - A Voice In The Wilderness                     Down 6
11.Lance Fortune - Be Mine                                                Up 2
12.Freddy Cannon - Way Down Yonder In New Orleans             Down 9
13.Duane Eddy - Bonnie Came Back                                   Up 4
14.Micheal Holiday - Starry Eyed                                        Down 5
15.Russ Conway - Royal Event                                   Highest New Entry
16.Percy Faith - Theme From A Summer Place                  New Entry
17.Jerry Lordan - Who Could Be Bluer                               Up 7
18.Platters - Harbour Lights                                                 Down 7
19.Everly Brothers - Let It Be Me                                        Down 1
20.Jack Scott - What In The Worlds Come Over You        New Entry
21.Guy Mitchell - Heartaches By The Number                    Down 5
22.Billy Fury - Colette                                                     New Entry
23.Emile Ford - What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For          Down 9
24.Adam Faith - What Do You Want                                 Down 4
25.Johnny Mathis - Misty                                                  Down 10
26.John Barry Seven - Hit And Miss                                 New Entry
27.Nat King Cole - Time And The River                           Down 4
28.Frankie Laine - Rawhide                                               Down 7
29.Marty Robbins - El Paso                                               Down 3
30.Tommy Steele - Little White Bull                                 Re-Entry
31.Max Bygraves - Fing's Ain't What They Used To Be                   New Entry
32.Frank Ifield - Lucky Devil                                             Down 10
33.Freddy Cannon - California Here I Come                     New Entry
34.Bryan Johnson - Looking High High High                    New Entry
35.Drifters - Dance With Me                                              Re-Entry
36.Marty Wilde - Johnny Rocco                                        New Entry
37.Bert Weedon - Big Beat Boogie                                    New Entry
38.Bobby Rydell - Wild One                                              New Entry
39.Gene Vincent - Wild Cat                                                Re-Entry
40.Elmer Benstein - Stacatto's Theme                                New Entry

Adam Faith - Poor Me


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