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Friday, 31 March 2017

Neil Sedaka - The Brooklyn Demos 1958 - 1961.....

From The Late 50's Into the Early 60's Here Is Neil Sedaka And His Brooklyn Demo's.........Enjoy..............

AllMusic Review by Steve Leggett :
A fine rhythmic pianist with a thin, high voice that he strengthened by multi-tracking, Neil Sedaka turned his Brill Building pop smarts and doo wop influences into a long and successful career. These home demos find him at the very start of that process, and his melodic gifts and goofy charm are already in evidence. Working on songs written by his brother-in-law Eddie Grossman, Sedaka brings a loose, joyful enthusiasm to the proceedings, and while there isn't a "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" buried in these 34 tracks, the spare, energetic arrangements make these pieces far from throwaways. Sedaka fans will treasure this collection, and when combined with RCA's Sings the Hits, casual listeners will get an intimate and comprehensive view of this likable performer.        


01. Neil Sedaka - Rattle Rock
02. Neil Sedaka - Wait for Tomorrow
03. Neil Sedaka - Can't Run Away from Love
04. Neil Sedaka - Devil Doll
05. Neil Sedaka - Don't Go Home
06. Neil Sedaka - My Dancin' Baby
07. Neil Sedaka - Quiet in the Bookstore
08. Neil Sedaka - Chatter
09. Neil Sedaka - Ronnie
10. Neil Sedaka - Ginger
11. Neil Sedaka - Who's Got My Girl? (False Start)
12. Neil Sedaka - Who's Got My Girl?
13. Neil Sedaka - Ask for My Heart
14. Neil Sedaka - Never Again
15. Neil Sedaka - Somebody Help
16. Neil Sedaka - Together
17. Neil Sedaka - If You Only Knew
18. Neil Sedaka - Wishing Star
19. Neil Sedaka - You're the One for Me
20. Neil Sedaka - Fairy Tale
21. Neil Sedaka - One Little Girl
22. Neil Sedaka - Rumor
23. Neil Sedaka - Time Machine
24. Neil Sedaka - Dream of Angels
25. Neil Sedaka - Can't Get Enough of You (At Home)
26. Neil Sedaka (Lead Vocal - Eddie Grossman) - Not So
27. Neil Sedaka - Twiddle My Thumbs
28. Neil Sedaka - Can't Get Enough of You
29. Neil Sedaka - I Cry Myself to Sleep
30. Neil Sedaka - Mister Butterfingers
31. Neil Sedaka - The World's a Stage
32. Neil Sedaka - Cinderella
33. Neil Sedaka - Pretty Little Mary
34. Neil Sedaka - Connie


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