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Alvin Stardust - A Picture Of You..... 1983

My First Post Of The Late Great Alvin Stardust...... Jumping To 1983 And A Picture of You...

Stardust was married three times. His first marriage was to Iris Caldwell, sister of Rory Storm and an ex-girlfriend of both George Harrison and Paul McCartney, as she had grown up with them in Liverpool. In 1981, Stardust married the actress Liza Goddard. Their daughter, Sophie Jewry, was critically injured at the age of two months after she fell down a set of stairs and suffered a severe fracture of the skull; she later recovered from her injuries.[17] Stardust was married to the actress and choreographer Julie Paton at the time of his death.
His son, Shaun Fenton, is the headmaster at Reigate Grammar School, and was previously head teacher at Pate's Grammar School and Sir John Lawes School. His other son, Adam, is a music producer and DJ, known as "Adam F". Stardust's third child, Sophie Jewry, runs her own business and lives in Norfolk with her partner and daughter. Stardust's fourth child, Millie Margaret May, was born in December 2000. The christening was covered by OK! magazine, with Sir Cliff Richard as one of the godparents. As wife Julie hails from Swansea, a Welsh flavour was provided by a harpist and Welsh male voice choir, the Gwalia Singers from Swansea. Fish & Chips were served, as it was Stardust's favourite dish.


02.Victim Of Romance
03.I Want You Back In My Life
04.What Looks Good On You Is Me
05.A Picture Of You
06.Wonderful Time Up There
07.Laughter Turns To Tears
09.I'll Never Forget You
10.You're The Reason
11.That Habit

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